By Kyeswa Hakim

This week, social media has been encircled by the photos of Mr Balaam Barugahara and other unknown people surrounding the Kabaka of Buganda in a way that indicates that he was invaded unaware.

As we celebrate Kabaka’s birthday, with much honour and respect let me give my independent opinion on that incident.

I have heard many people tasking Comedians Reign and Maulana to apologize for outing the skits imitating the Kabaka in the wake of his recent impromptu appearance at a beach in Entebbe. I think that the Kabaka and his wife, the Nabagereka, represent honour and respect at its best. It is impossible to catch them speaking or conducting themselves in a manner that is less than honourable and virtuous. However I beg to differ from those seeking for an apology from the comedians because what they did acts as a wake up call to the handlers of our King.

The way the Kabaka appeared, very unkempt, seemingly with nobody handling his protocol the time he was there; the way he sat. not on a befitting seat but on sort of a verandah, with some people seen through the iron bars behind him; standing disrespectfully over his head. Infront, some disinterested people (probably staff in that place) stood akimbo while the Kabaka sat down!
There was a time where a whole crowd of shouting people nearly bumped into the Kabaka! His body language indicated he was unsure of his safety. Then he was surrounded by armed men who uncordinatedly led him away.
Many of us did not like the sight, but surprisingly even the Katikiro posted it on his Facebook page!

My personal interpretation was that either the Kabaka’s well-being and protocol were nolonger the mandate of Mengo or; it was no longer important to them.

I may not blame some people who intrude the Kabaka, but people like Mr Balaam Barugahara considering his level of leadership and exposure, he shouldn’t have raided the Kabaka without clear coordination. I watched some boys ( Balaam’s body guards) standing at a almost no distance from the King.

Back to Maulana and Rign; These were whistleblowers to Buganda that their Kabaka has been ridiculed to unbelievable magnitudes.
“Omubisi taba mussi”
Artists are there to highlight the evils that they see in society. It’s up to Mengo to pull up their socks or inform Buganda otherwise.

As we celebrate the Kabaka’s birthday, The apology I would anticipate would be from Mengo and Balam Barugahara to Kabaka and Buganda.
I submit.

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