Modern life is driven by money – President Museveni tells people of West Nile.

Canada NRM Chapter Symposium 2023

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has rallied the people of West Nile to concentrate their energies on money-making ventures to uplift the well-being of their households. 

He was today Wednesday talking to the people of West Nile during his second day of the wealth creation tour in the region. 

“You need money to clothe your family, pay school fees for your children as well as buy other diets which are not produced at home,” Museveni said, noting, “Today’s modern life is based on money.” 

He blamed leaders for failing to advise their neighbours on how to get out of poverty to also pay school fees for their children or even afford the basic needs of their families. “Even God is unhappy with you (leaders) because how can you be paying school fees for your children, afford clothes for your people yet your neighbour cannot be advised on how to uplift his family? Museveni wondered.  

He rallied the population to embrace the Parish Development Model which is the only cure to subsistence production where the majority in the area are only working for the stomach.

He said “Previously People had wealth but had no money. The whole of the Ankole sub-region for example although very rich in resources didn’t have cash crops. They had wealth but not money. They had cows, goats, and bananas but they were not producing money in a month.”

Museveni said that the NRM administration after taking over power in 1986 started to seek ways for how the population would be helped to use agriculture with a calculation to make money and get out of poverty instead of producing only for consumption. 

“It is the reason we began a campaign of advising families who had some land to try out the four-acre model- one acre be used to grow coffee, another one for fruits like pineapple, the third one would be for growing grass for dairy and the last one be used to grow crops for family food,” Museveni explained. 

On top of the four-acre model, Museveni said the government also introduced programs like Entandikwa, NAADs and Operation Wealth Creation. “OWC did very well because before OWC, people who were involved in the money economy were only 32% and the rest were just economic spectators. They were not in the game, they were just watchingAlthough watching sports and footballers is alright, watching in wealth creation is dangerous,” the president emphasized. 

He, however, noted that although Gen. Saleh through Operation Creation Wealth did a good job, “I started to hear complaints that soldiers were only giving to themselves, to their relatives and also overpricing seedlings that they procured.” 

“After listening to people’s concerns,” Museveni said, the government decided to empower the locals themselves instead of being on the receiver end by coming up now the parish development model where the population is directly given money to buy farm inputs directly from the centre without facing bureaucracy from technocrats like CAO, CDOs or even parish chiefs.   

“We decided that everything can be done by yourselves. OWC was being done from far and we said let’s change and go to the parish because it is nearer. But secondly, we said let the people do it themselves. The wealth creators in each parish should organise and elect their leadership and we send money to them to buy inputs themselves,” Museveni said, adding, “This is a very important program because this money is free from the government. Beneficiaries can borrow, use it and pay it back for others to use and the parish bank will be growing with the government injecting 100m every year.

He also challenged youth who normally waste a lot of time with phones surfing the internet to use their phones better by researching global prices of coffee, “The prices are high and if we grow coffee, we can’t go wrong.”

“Like Jesus Christ told the story of the sower, I have been preaching this wealth creation gospel. Some seeds have fallen on dry grounds and died but others landed on good soils and have been able to germinate, grow well and be harvested by those who have keenly listened and followed my message,” Museveni said.  

How to register for PDM SACCO

First of all, the people are required to identify with an enterprise among the available seven and then gather at the Parish to elect a 5-member committee leadership of each enterprise. 

It is this leadership that opens the bank account and the money where money from the centre is directly deposited. “Not through a commercial officer or CAO,” President said. 

The leadership will then select beneficiaries depending on available funds. “If we see the program progressing well I can convince MPs that we increase this money to cover money people,” Museveni also stated. 

To those living in cities and towns and therefore have no land to practice farming, Museveni encouraged them to form SACCOs and use PDM money to buy products and add value. “You have no land but you can support PDM by buying and adding value to produce from villages.” 

By: ONC Media

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