Rubirizi District- The Headteacher and Chairman of the PTA steal Seed School capitation grant worth Ugx 36m and CAO pays ghost workers.

On 27/3/2023, Rubirizi district held an assessment meeting on the execution development agenda of the district.

The meeting was chaired by the RDC Mr. Bron KiKanshemeza in attendance of the district stakeholders CAO, Magistrate Grade One, ONC Coordinators, and others, who were shocked to find out about the intense corruption by the CAO and his subordinates.

It was revealed that the CAO has been intentionally paying Dr. Kitamirike Tonny who absconded from duty for now about two years. It is alleged that the CAO gets a percentage of the salary paid to the absconded doctor and has always considered the deal as a side income.

The meeting further revealed that Mr.Rutaremwa Charles the Headteacher for Katunguru Seed School after receiving his transfer to another school which he refused to report as being not a Catholic school, convened with Mr. Kabuye Swaleh the Chairperson for the PTA and withdrew Ugx 36m from the school account. It was also revealed that the school land is encroached on by some investors who are suspected to have paid money to Mr. Rutaremwa Charles and Mr. Kabuye Swaleh.

Our coordinator Ms. Kansiime Peace has informed our desk that, the meeting didn’t come up with a substantial resolution regarding all this mismanagement and said to ask the ONC head office to intervene in the matter to save the school land and sort out the corruption as well.

Reported by; ONC Online Media

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