ONC Head supports Kazo-Angola SACCO to regain from Covid19 shocks.

The hit of Covid 19 made Uganda face a double lockdown shutting down all businesses for almost 2 years. This didn’t leave life for SACCOs in Uganda since members were unable to maintain savings than to draw for survival.

The Office of the National Chairperson Head SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye on Sunday was represented by ONC coordinators led by Ms Nakimuli Hanifah at a fundraising event at Kawempe Muslim P/S by Kazo Angole Sacco as a strategy to revive back into the business. The SACCO of 3000 members registered in 2001 transformed the social and economic livelihoods of its members until the Covid19 lockdown of almost 24 months.

The SPA in her message read by Ms Nakimuli Hanifah congratulated the members with thanks to God for having survived the troubling times of Covid19 that took the lives of many Ugandans and the world over. She appreciated them for being determined and united to transform their livelihoods. Parts of her message read, “The President instructed me to reach out to Ugandans who adhered to his teaching of forming SACCOS for socio-economic transformation for identification for funding”

In her message, she continued to request Ugandans to concentrate on the 14-line products maize, cassava, etc, identified by the President in his Musevenomics concept for value addition to be able to create jobs and wealth while enjoying high profits from the ready market in and outside Uganda.

She continued to remind Ugandans about the commitment of NRM to transform Uganda into a money economy using the PDM based on the parishes of which funds were already disbursed in addition to Emyooga at the constituency level. She pledged to have a meeting with them soon and also to ensure financing for their SACCO to revive back its glory.

The SACCO chairperson Mr Balamaga Samuel Mujjunga thanked the SPA for the contribution of Ugx 500,000 and assured her that, they are to organize and visit the ONC offices for further interaction and guidance from SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye on how to benefit from the economic revival funds under UDB and Micro-finance support centre. That they aim to raise Ugx 150 m in six months of which they raised Ugx 5.8matn the event.

Ms Nakimuli Hanifah assured the audience that, HE YK Museveni is to appear on the ballot come 2026, and now the concentration is on delivering the 5 promises as expressed in the NRM manifesto 2021-26.

Reported by; ONC Online Media.

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