Mbarara City caught fire – Masses Crowd on streets, H.E YK Museveni to appear on the Ballot in 2026, and ONC Head launches NRM students chapter.

SPA/PA Hajjat Hadijja Namyaro Uzeiye received by a crowd in Mbarara.

The office of the NRM National Chairperson Head SPA/Political Affairs Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye was welcomed by crowds of Bazzukulu Ba Museveni in Mbabara City causing traffic for 1 hour within the city centre. The SPA and Head ONC was forced to stop her convey to engage with the Bazzukulu who asked her to inform H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni aka Mzee to keep on the main.

The crowds followed her up to Nyamitanga College of Business Studies where she was invited as Chief Guest to launch the NRM chapter under the students’ body. In her remarks, she asked the audience to forgive her as her message might not be pleasing to many. “When I assumed office, I was approached by student leaders under UNSA and other youth-led bodies expressing to me the hard situation they are operating without funding. Youth have been used and misled into unnecessary fronts and later abandoned”, she said to have asked the President why Youth are not being funded and he referred her to Ms Hope. On engagement with Ms Hope, she was informed that the last youth funds were received in July of last year and also wonders where the youth funds are diverted to.

She advised the student leaders to start a Sacco which she supported with Ugx 1m cash and promised to have it funded by the relevant government institutions. She continued with a request for their participation in the PDM and Emyooga programs to take advantage of the funds to start up projects geared toward creating jobs and wealth for youth while taking the opportunity of other youth projects such as YLP, Presidential regional skilling projects, etc. and also to consume the Presidential concept on the economy branded Musevenomics, NRM manifesto, and the PDM concept for guidance on the project selection for investment.

She continued with her remarks by appointing the outgoing NRM chapter chairperson Ms Neema Daina to coordinate the student institutions in the Ankole subregion and will be receiving a monthly salary from her office as a coordinator. She called on all youth of the Bazzukulu to not be misled again by people after their intentions even when they were members of the statehouse or any government setting. They said that the President tasked her to ensure that public service delivery is effective and efficient to the public through monitoring and mobilization. On this note, she called on all Ugandans to support her with information regarding any form of corruption or misuse of public resources by calling her directly or the office or through the coordinators spread all over the country.

Mr Rwakandare Robert head of the mobilization in State House appreciated the action work style of the SPA and also supported the Sacco with Ugx 500,000. The Mbarara City NRM chairperson Mr Willy Tumwine appreciated the SPA for bringing mobilization to the ground and on time unlike many who choose to stay in their offices at Kampala and only show up a few days before the polling day.

He requested the SPA to inform the President that, the secretariat abandoned them as leaders in the structures an act that is sinking the party support on the ground.

There was free medical treatment and consultancy to people of the area provided by the Uganda Medical Association which is a strong partner of ONC.

The SPA was accompanied by the ONC officials; the Spokesperson Mr Kitatta Ibrahim, Head of Mobilization Ms Rosette, Head of Administration Ms Nakimuli Mariam, Dr Oledo Sam of Uganda Medical Association, and sub-sub-regionalordinators.

The school administrator expressed gratitude to the Head of ONC and noted her coming as a strong mark to the entire school and requested to continue supporting the youth leadership in all institutions.

Reported by: ONC Online Media.

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