Hajji Yunus Kakande, the Secretary in the Office of the President has cautioned district local government leaders that they don’t have any powers to chase away or change Resident District/City Commissioners (RDCs/RCCs).

Hajji Yunus Kakande

While addressing district leaders from the Greater Northern Uganda region during a three-day retreat at National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi on Wednesday, Hajji Kakande said it is only the President who has the powers to sack or change an RDC/RCC, not district councils.

“Please district chairpersons who are here stop writing to me, you go and influence the councils you lead then you write letters informing me that ‘we have decided today that this RDC must leave this area’ please those are powers of the President, not you! You don’t have those powers, even ministers don’t have those powers,” said Hajji Kakande.

He however advised the district leaders to write their complaints on any RDC to the responsible authority and they will handle issues in a rightful way.

“If you find that an RDC is having a problem with you or is hindering your councils from performing their work efficiently, just write to us and inform us that ‘this man/woman we have here is not up to the job because of various reasons.’ We are also human beings, we want things to move, we shall investigate and if we find out that your arguments are true, we shall change him/her or suspend him/her. That work is for the secretariat of commissioners of RDCs, not district councils! This secretariat monitors RDCs/RCCs, so write your complaints to us but don’t chase away RDCs/RCCs because you don’t have the powers to do that,” he said.

Hajji Kakande also implored them to stop fighting each other and find ways of working together for insurance of better service delivery to Ugandans.
“We are the ones who must make sure that our 2021-2026 manifesto is purely implemented because the President trusts us therefore let’s focus on how government programs reach and benefit our people because at the end of the five years, our President will go back to the public to give the accountability,” he said.

You are the eyes of the NRM government on the ground, so if its performance is not visible in the eyes of our voters, you are responsible, so work as a team and make sure that the NRM manifesto is anchored in your areas so that by 2026 when you are looking for your votes (LC5) will not have any problem.”

He also encouraged the leaders to work for their legacies so that they can be remembered for the good services they rendered to Ugandans while still alive.

“Work to leave a good legacy, so that when you are no more, your work will defend you and it will inspire others. let’s learn from our President, he has made a legacy. So think about which type of legacy you are leaving back if you keep on bickering with each other?”

Meanwhile, the 3 day retreat for district leaders of the greater Northern Uganda region on the manifesto implementation 2021-2026 commitment and the 23 presidential strategic guidelines and directives is running from 21 to 24th March. Over 200 district leaders from Acholi, Longo and Teso sub-regions attended. They include RDCs/RCCs, District Chairpersons (LC5), Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) Mayors of Cities and Municipalities, Town clerks and NRM district party leaders.

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