Bwondha Health Centre II-Mayuge District is in an acrimonious state, ONC Coordinators reports.

The condition of Bwondha HC II

The face of Bwondha HC II doesn’t depict a healthy facility save for the sign post, on the arriving of the ONC Coordinators team lead by Mr. Muteguya Denis to the facility, the place looked abandoned since there was no one inside the facility to receive them not even a security guard on site. Animals graze Within the facility, one of the building’s roof had collapsed, some lights inside & outside are not working so one has to use a touch in some rooms. After sometime, the Nursing Assistant Mrs. Tibogeraku Judith gets back & attends to the team, at that point that’s when the ONC team got to know more of the challenges at the facility .”The house they are using being too small a room accommodates one bed, the OPD room acts a lab room so if one is found HIV positive it becomes challenging to counsel the patient where there are other people, labor suite is too small to accommodate more than one person yet at times they receive more than one woman who needs to deliver, they also face a problem of transport when they go for outreach programs like immunization, they take long to receive drugs for instance since last year in November they only received drugs again last week in March, the facility is also over whelmed by the numbers due to people who come from other neighboring islands” She narrates. The Facility incharge Mr. Kasadha Faizo was not found on site and when the team tried to reach him on phone, he declined.

Reported by; ONC_Media_Team

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