ONC represented in a GBV workshop-Iganga District.

ONC Coordinator Mr. Kisoma Samuel addressing participants.

The ONC Coordinator Mr. Kisoma Samuel represented OnC on behalf of the ONC Busoga team. He was previllaged to attend a GBV workershop at Ntinda Valley Hotel in Iganga organized by Center for Health Humam Rights and Development (CEHURD). Under at GenerationGender, an advocacy meeting with the officials from Iganga district was convened to discuss the remedies for identified emerging gender justice issues.

Also in attendence was Mr. Ivan Busulwa, Magistrate for Family and children’s affairs- Iganga High Court. Who shared with them that “GBV is not just a crime, it should be also be looked at as a social challenge. To end it, we must also engage and involve other actors including religious leaders, cultural influencers.” Esther Nandase the CDO Iganga Municipal sited that some GBVs are caused by man who are now planning to take their wives’ money that they are soon getting from PDM. It is on this point that the ONC Coordinator was given the chance to address the participants and shared with them some of roles as ONC coordinators and told all the ladies never to allow this happen to them, and asked them to report immediately in case because PDM money is majory for development not giving their husbands to take in bars and betting.

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