Kyenjojo district celebrates Women’s Day and Hon.Min. Ntabaazi Harriet endorses Jjaja Tova Ku Main 2026.

Yesterday the people of Kyenjojo district celebrated Women’s day in commemoration of the recently universally celebrated International Women’s day on the 8th of March annually. The chief guest minister of state for trade Hon. Ntabaazi Harriet thanked the people of Kyenjojo district for understanding the teachings of NRM under the stewardship leadership of HE YK Museveni to empower women in all sectors of development. She added that women are well represented in leadership following affirmative action all enabled by the NRM. That women are pivotal in the social economic agenda of transforming Uganda into a money economy and this is the reason why they have special consideration in PDM in addition to other special funds. She continued to inform the audience that, as women and the visible progress achieved, they are to continue lining up behind HE YK Museveni to keep on the main and this is the reason she endorsed the Muzee Tova Ku Main project which is operating under the Office of the National Chairperson NRM headed by SPA/Political Affairs Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye. The minister raised concern over the increasing teenage pregnancies and low enrollment of girls in school despite the free UPE and USE programs and tasked leaders to ensure sustainable solutions to the challenges since all the resources are provided by the government. The district LCV Chairperson Mr. Kubaihayo Gilbert, the Deputy RDC Mr. Allan Bamuha, the district woman MP Hon. Faith Pilo Kunihir, and other leaders appreciated the minister’s remarks and assured her that women are strongly inclusive in 92 groups organized for PDM and in all household programs targeting poverty eradication. The “Bazzukulu Ba Museveni” who donned ONC “Jajja Omalako Tova Ku Main” t-shirts headed by the coordinator Kato Bathiace chanted praises of HE YK Museveni commanding him to keep on the main to enable NRM to achieve her long-term plan of Vision 2040.

Reported by: ONC Online Media

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