Office of the National Chairman (ONC) NRM-Kyambogo Regional Coordinators’ Review meeting;

Head ONC SPA/PA Hajjat Khadijah Namyaro Uzeiye

The head of Office of the National Chairman NRM-Kyambogo (ONC), Hajjat Hadijah Namyaro Uzeiye today met with the ONC Regional Coordinators at her Office in Kyambogo. In the interactive session, she thanked them for the progress made with regard to monitoring the implementation of government programs like PDM, Emyooga, Health sectors, schools and others.
The Senior Presidential Advisor also reminded them of the vision of the National Chairman, H.E Yoweri Museveni Kaguta as Fighting corruption, ensuring that children under UPE/USE are not charged extra fees and also working towards implementation of the NRM Party Manifesto.
Also present during this interaction were, Senior NRM Cadre Mr. David Mafabi -the Senior Presidential who gave a brief lecture on how the ONC Coordinators can monitor the NRM manifesto using the 3Ws of What?, Where?, Why? and How? while in the field,

SPA on Political Affairs, Senior NRM Cadre Mr. David Mafabi

Dr. Samuel Oledo the President of Uganda Medical Association (UMA) who gave the ONC Coordinators some tips on how Health Sector can be effectively monitored,

Dr. Musa Lumumba (Head of junior Doctors-Uganda), ONC PRO Mr. Ibrahim Kittata and all staff members of ONC.


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