Son sells family land. ONC and CID stop all activities & guide for a reconciliation.

ONC Coordinators and Police

Following an outcry by Ms. Benna Nalule widow of the late Kalibala, a resident of Gayaza in Masaka City to ONC sub-regional coordinators, Mr. Katumba Numba led the team of coordinators in the company of the regional CIID and convened a meeting on the disputed land measuring to 4 acres.

Mr. Paul Ssebyonga son of the late Kalibala is alleged to have effected transactions on the family land to Hajji Ntumwa Njuki without the knowledge of the family comprised of 16 children. They have informed the authorities that even if Mr. Paul Ssebyonga claims to have sold his share, it doesn’t measure the figures under question.

Ms. Benna Nalule who is a PWD had informed the authorities that, her late husband did not execute any transactions on their land, and that claims of the same should be treated as false.

The tycoon Hajji Ntumwa Zuri alleges to have bought the land legally and the chairperson is fully aware. It is at this point that, the LC 1 Chairperson Ssempa Muhammad was pinned to have been involved in fraudulent transactions which he denounced.

Mr. Numba Katumba has informed the meeting that, HE YK Museveni on several of his addresses regarding land, has discouraged the division of land as a constraint to small-scale production and advised families to use the land as a company and focus on sharing profits. That the. Family members should sit as a family and come to a consensus within 1 month.

The Regional CIID has informed the meeting that land-related cases increased from 332 to 561whivh is highly risking agriculture as the key employment sector. He has advised them to use the 1 month to agree and no transactions should effect until further notice.

All parties resolved to adhere to the resolutions and will be recovering after 1 month to report their consensus.

Reported by: ONC Online Media

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