The #TovaKumain2026 team becomes a bread winner everyday.

AL-Hajji Moses Ali Kigongo, Captain Mike Mukula and ONC Coordinators of Bugisu Sub-Region

On the 37th NRM Anniversary celebrations of Sironko District, the Chief guest of honor the 1st National Vice Chairperson NRM Chairperson Al-Hajji Moses Ali Kigongo and Vice Chairperson NRM Eastern Region Captain Mike Mukula acknowledged #TovaKumain2026 Concept and appreciated the Head Office of the National Chairman NRM-Kyambogo (ONC) SPA/PA Hajjat Khadijah Namyalo Uzeiye for identifying good cadres of NRM to coordinate and act as condutes in implementing the NRM Manifesto, monitoring and ensuring that all that Government services reach the common man.

Al-Hajji Moses Ali Kigongo

The two senior NRM icons also advised the ONC Coordinators and Bazuukulu Ba M7 to continue pushing for the public order of ensuring that JAJJA IS BACK Come 2026.

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