Canada NRM Chapter Symposium 2023 Update.

Hon. Milly Babalanda, 3rd Deputy Prime minister and other Gov’t officials.

As part of the preparations for the #CanadaNRMSymposium2023, the leadership of Canada NRM Chapter has held engagements with government officials, including the Chief Organiser who is also the 3rd Deputy Premier, Rt. Hon. Lukia Nakadama, former Vice-President & Special Presidential Envoy, H.E. Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, Presidency Minister, Hon. Milly Babalanda, Kampala Metropolitan Affairs Minister, Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, among others.

The 3rd Deputy Premier says the event will focus on investment opportunities for Ugandans in Canada. In addition, a number of expectations, such as strengthening good working relations, tightening the party’s roots, trade, among others are on the bucket list.

The Chairperson of Canada NRM Chapter, Mr. Kinene Fred, notes that the all is set for the forthcoming Canada NRM Chapter Symposium, which will take place from July 7-9 in Canada.

For starters, the second edition will offer an opportunity for participants to learn about patriotism, investment, and how one can be able to partake of the vast opportunities in Canada.

It will also enable interactions with business people interested in investing in Uganda, in a bid to create employment, transfer technology, entrepreneurial ideas, & boost reinvestment in Uganda’s economy.

Relatively, the event will be used to encourage Ugandan diasporas to invest back home.

In sum, this will provide a platform for networking, marketing & business matchmaking, markets’ knowledge sharing, Business to Business, Government to Government meetings, & deal making.


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