Kaliro District in shambles, ONC Coordinators on ground to rescue the situation.

ONC team of Busoga region visited Kaliro district today  09th Mar, 2023. They  had an interaction with the DPC of Kaliro District in his office where they  were also previledged to interact with the DRDC Mr. Abel Bakunda and CID Rubanzi on matters concerning the unruly behavior at the district where goons stormed the district primises on Tuesday 07th March with the aims of throwing  out the CAO Mr. Bigirwa Kalisa Samuel from office on pretext of poor service delivery.

DPC & DRDC refuted assertions of poor service delivery & attributed the behavior to rogue political leaders being the masterminds behind the unfortunate incident where stones were pelted at the DRDC.

ONC Team  also managed to have an interaction with the CAO who narrated that that the district has a lot of issues to do with lack of most heads of departments at the district including a district engineer. Politicians take  this advantage want to be forcefully  awarded contracts even when they have no capacity as per the requirement.

He alluded that some of the politcians causing havoc is Kaliro District is the  Chairperson Elijah Kagoda who has turned him self into a broker to get jobs at the district.

The ONC Team  also visited the District Service Commission unfortunately the offices were closed & were unable to get a word from Mrs. Baluka Betty the Acting secretary who is also discovered as a relative  to Chairman LCV.

Author; ONC_Media_Desk

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