Hon.Hamson Obua Endorsing H.E YK Museveni to stand again 2026.

NRM parliamentary Caucus, Office of the Government Chief Whip, and Office of NRM National Chairperson to speed up the implementation of the NRM manifesto 2021-2026.

Today morning, the Government Chief Whip/Chairperson NRM parliamentary Caucus Hon. Hamson Obua and the Head of the Office of the National Chairperson NRM SPA/Political Affairs Hajjat Namyalo Hadijah Uzeiye held a closed-door meeting at the ONC offices in Kyambogo.

ONC PRO Ibrahim Kittata (left), Head ONC SPA Hajjat Hadijja Namyaro Uzeiye (middle) & Gov’t Chief whip (right)

The NRM made a public contract with Ugandans in the NRM manifesto 2021-26 with five promises; Creating Jobs and Wealth, Delivering Education, Health, and Water, Ensuring Justice and Equity, Protecting life and Property, and Achieving Economic and Political Integration.

The ONC spokesperson Mr Kitatta Ibrahim Abdul Malik who has spoken to us on phone has informed our media desk that both leaders have resolved that, the 11th Parliament of Uganda (NRM Caucus) and ONC are to strongly work together to speed up the implementation of the NRM manifesto 2021-26.

It should be noted that this collaboration comes at a time HE the President of Uganda is making countrywide Sub-regional tours mobilizing area leadership and Ugandans towards alleviating poverty through participation in the National Development III to transform Ugandans into a self-sustaining money economy.

The Government Chief Whip/Chairperson NRM ParliamentaryCoucus Hon. Hamson Obua has joined the 1st National Vice Chairperson NRM Brig. Gen (Rtd) Haji Moses Kigongo, Minister for Internal Affairs Hon. Kahinda Otafiire, etc., endorsing the HE YK Museveni presidential candidature for 2026 branded “Omalako Jajja Tova Ku Main”.

Author; ONC Media desk.

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